Friday, October 21, 2016


Hi everyone!!

So sorry for the lack of posts (I can't believe it's been exactly a month since I first posted). It's been hard for me to function as a responsible, studious college student because all I want to do is curl up in bed and nap between watching Netflix and Youtube videos. But you know, life happens, so.

Besides my sad attempts at becoming a functioning adult, I've been caught up in midterm season, as I'm sure all of you are as well. Thankfully, I only have two tests--one was yesterday, while the last one is next week). That German Fairy Tales midterm was not as scary as I imagined it to be...

Quick plug for German Fairy Tales! The class is fun, there's nothing too stressful, and Professor Zimmerman is great, so anyone who has room for it in their schedule should take it! (I think it's only available in the fall, though.) Just one warning: prepare to have your childhoods ruined... 

But anyway, I just thought I'd share a couple of things I learned in the two months since I started college:

  • Zabar Art Library is great for napping (and studying too, I guess)
  • Elim's and Hale and Hearty are my favorite places to eat (and they're right next to each other too!)
  • Never forget your headphones at home: you never know when class will end early, and you need some Netflix between classes
  • If you don't take your hair out of the shower drain, IT WILL FLOOD and it will be gross. Don't do that.
  • Planning out your schedule weeks before they even announce the enrollment dates makes you feel very accomplished (I also made an alternate one, just in case)
  • Meeting up with friends for lunch / breaks is a great way to stay connected, especially if you don't have any classes together 
So yeah, I'm sure that list will get much longer as time goes on. I'll be posting more regularly from now on, I promise!

Good luck to everyone on their midterm tests/papers/projects!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's a Jellicle Cat?

Hello MacBlog readers!

Sabrina here, aka the newest MacBlog blogger! (MacBlogger? Is that a thing?) I hope everyone's been have a great first month so far! I just want to start out with a little bit about myself before I get into the reason for the title. I'm a freshman (woo, Class of '20!) at Macaulay @ Hunter, and I plan on majoring in English. I'm dorming at Brookdale, and my favorite thing about it so far is how there are only like three! working!! dryers!!! Just kidding. But really, dorming's great, because I've gotten to meet and know a lot of people that I probably wouldn't have run into otherwise.

Alright, onto the Jellicle Cats. So my friend had the luck of winning the Cats lottery yesterday...

Sidenote: my other friend also won the Wicked lottery a few weeks back. We're all in the same seminar class. To everyone in Neary '16: enter all the Broadway lotteries. 

Back to singing cats. We went up to the Neil Simon Theatre after braving all of the chaos that is New York City rush hour, but we didn't have time for dinner. I had to buy $7 trail mix at the theater so I wouldn't interrupt the music with the inevitable growling from my stomach.

I've got to say, there was absolutely no plot to it at all. Maybe just the tiniest hint of it. They just sang and danced and introduced more cats till the very end. I still don't really get what a Jellicle cat is, or why everyone hated Grizabella so much. But the music and the singing and the dancing: all amazing. I was literally singing Memory until I went to sleep.

The moral of this post: enter the Broadway lotteries! Go see Off-Broadway shows! Off-Broadway shows are 2-for-1 from September 26 to October 9; take advantage of that! And if anyone ever wins the Hamilton lottery, remember who was kind enough to convey this moral to you.

Monday, July 4, 2016


It’s been a rather boring month so far, so I thought I’d talk about a hobby near and dear to my heart – quilling! Quilling is an art form where you take pieces of paper strips and roll and shape them into various designs with a tool similar to a bident. People make all sorts of things through quilling, but I tend to stick to earrings! These are two of my more favorite designs, as they’re simple enough to make, but are aesthetically pleasing. 

 I was able to make the rainbow earring with some scrap pieces of paper I had around the room, but for the other earring I used quilling paper, which can be found in any craft store.

I first found out about quilling when I was in India two summers ago. Faced with one of the inevitable electric shorts when I was at my uncle’s house, my eyes started to wander, until I happened to take a closer look at my cousin’s earrings. Upon discussion, I found that my cousin had been making all earrings for the past year. With that, the rest of my afternoon was devoted to learning how to quill.

Over the past year, quilling has been my main tension reliever. Whenever I feel like I need a break from academics, but don’t want to give my mind over to my computer, I take out my handy quilling paper and tool and experiment to my hearts content. Before I set my mind to a design, I tend to sketch it out to get a feel for how it would look like on the ear. If I’m making an earring for a specific person, I do my best to take into account their earring size and color preference. Some people like large flamboyant jewelry pieces – others don't (I’ve learned the heard way OTL).

I found it interesting that quilling as an art form has been around for a long time. During the renaissance, nuns would use quilling to decorate various religious items.  It’s interesting to see such an art form become more accessible and widespread as time has passed – it's a easy and fun way to pass time. While the process of quilling has stayed very much the same, the tools and supplies have all modernized.  A great website that I use for the occasional quilling tip/ inspiration is, although there are plenty of good youtube channels that have similar content.

I’m working on a more complicated piece right now – hopefully it’ll be complete by my next blog post! Also, as I write this I remember that it's the fourth of July. I hope everyone gets to spend some time with family and have some fun!