Saturday, April 18, 2015

75 degree weather, Dean's Dinner, and a Blazer?

Hi, everyone!

Here's a Saturday post for you guys because I was so exhausted yesterday. It was a busy wonderful week back to school, but I didn't get to rest much so all of the tiredness came in yesterday. And I was extra tired because I walked 20 blocks to Whole Foods in shoes that are not meant for long walks (haha) to get some moisturizer, which I ended up not getting because I couldn't find a good one. Oh gosh.

And earlier that day I went to the CUNY Job Fair. The website said to dress well and not come in casual clothes so I came in the same electric blue dress that I wore to Senior Night back in February. I had a beige jacket over it just for the morning chill. I got to the fair, and I noticed that everyone else was wearing black and white. haha. When I got in line, a woman came up to me and asked if I had a blazer. I told her that I didn't, and she went to speak to someone before coming back to me. She ended up telling me to keep my jacket on while at the fair in order to meet the requirement of business attire.

But I did love that I stood out. Nobody else wore such a bold color with a lace overlay. haha

Now to get myself a blazer for the future...

Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous just like today. I love 70's weather. The sun is just perfect and maybe there's a slight breeze and the sky is blue. Ahh. Just beautiful.

On Wednesday, I went to a health professional school admissions panel where representatives from multiple schools gave us info about the admissions process and answered questions. I think that going to these kind of events is super important because you get to hear straight from the people that might be looking at your application.

On Tuesday, I went to Dean Kirschner's apartment for a dinner that she hosted for seniors. I'm so glad I went. It was about 10 of us (she's hosting two more nights), and we were able to have a casual conversation about what we love about Macaulay and what we can do to make it even better. She also had great food for us: sushi, chicken, noodles, and some dessert as well.

I have my second endocrinology exam bright and early on Monday morning. Wish me luck!

My mom and I made a yummy pasta dish today, and it was a recipe that I came up with!

Let's hope this sunniness continues...


For this last semester, I've decided that I'll share one cool/interesting/thought-provoking thing that I happen to run across during the week:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Florence Study Abroad Part V: Side Trips and Adventures

Hey guys! Here's some pictures of some of the side trips and adventures I went on in and around Florence. Let me just start with some beautiful pictures of the main attractions in Florence: the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio.

The view of the Arno River from Ponte Vecchio

The view of Ponte Vecchio at sunset from the Uffizi Gallery (not even edited)

I also climbed both the Duomo and the bell tower. I was terrified and pretty much couldn't feel my legs the whole time, as I'm really scared of heights. My legs and feet also hurt a lot afterwards, as I climbed nearly 1,000 steps between the two towers, in impractical shoes I may add. But I got some pretty beautiful pictures of Florence out of it! We started climbing in the evening, and night fell as we reached the top.

 The view of Duomo and Florence from the bell tower.

The view of Florence from Duomo (it doesn't look like it, but Duomo is actually taller than the bell tower).

So I struggled a bit with the food in Italy after just a couple of weeks (so many carbs). I was lucky to find this Italian restaurant owned by a British man that actually made salads and chicken and not just pasta or pizza. I ate here four times in the last week I was in Florence. The place is called Acqua al 2 and they even have locations in America! Below are some pictures of the meal I had there every time I went (plus amazing and cheap wine, of course).

 Oh, how I missed salad until this moment...

 Best balsamic chicken on Earth (probably the deprivation of chicken talking there)

 This dessert sampler made me see the face of God: I have never liked cheesecake until I had this strawberry one (top right), and I don't think I'll ever like it again.

The outside of this restaurant is so beautiful and charming, almost like you're in a fairytale. They have about 5,000 stickers on their door from famous food guides and travel guides. Well-deserved, I might add. The food is delicious. They play really cool, lounge-like music inside that makes you feel like you're in a cool nightclub, and they have all these plates with signatures and notes from famous people and actors to the owner, whom I met every time I went. Apparently this is in the theater district of Florence, which you would never know since it is nothing like Times Square or Broadway.

I also visited Boboli Gardens, the private gardens of the royal family next to Palazzo Pitti.

The famous tree tunnels, where the trees grew together to form a tunnel of shade.  Immensely beautiful.

Speaking of delicious food and wine, the last week I was in Italy, my group decided to book a tour of a winery in Chianti country. And yes, this is where true Chianti wine comes from. The wine is certified by a board to be "true" Chianti if a certain percentage of the grapes they use in the wine come from this region and are grown in a specific type of soil and fermented for a certain amount of time, etc. They put a black rooster on the bottle to certify it. This experience had to be my favorite part of the trip, not only because of the wine, but because of the food.

 This is that amazingly beautiful postcard picture you buy of an Italian vineyard (p.s. this was the view out of the bathroom...)

 Meet, cheese, and bread pairings for the wine. They had this amazing bread with the most delicious olive oil on Earth (top left). That thing in the middle was homemade sweet and spicy sauce that the proprietor made for us!

 My favorite of the four wines we tasted

 Greve, the closest town to the vineyard. Quaint and pretty at night.

Probably the best picture I'll ever have.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hummingbirds, Cheesecake, and La Esquina

Hi, everyone!

In my last post, I told you all that I would let you know if I managed to have a better spring break than usual. Well, I kind of did. There were some really good days and a couple of not-so-good ones. Sigh.

I'll start with the not-so-good stuff. I got a cavity filled on Tuesday. Not fun. And yesterday was just totally sucky and difficult, but I'm alright. Such is life.

What was the good stuff? Plenty, thankfully.

My mom and I went shopping several times. The first time was on Sunday when we headed to Kings Plaza Mall. Unfortunately, most of it was closed (except Sears) that day because of Easter so we had to go home. haha. Oh gosh.

We were more successful during our second try on Wednesday. Yay! And we did a bit of shopping today as well. I love shopping with my mom because it's one of the best times to just be together. We can laugh, talk about life, people watch (haha), and do whatever else we like. It's great.

I spent most of Monday downtown exploring and enjoying the nice weather with someone. We grabbed Mexican food at La Esquina. I had a chicken torta and a quesadilla with huitlacoche (it's a must-try, so good) and then enjoyed some cheesecake at Eileen's Special Cheesecake. Yummy. I love all-day walking adventures. That's how you really get to know the city.

We found this beautiful mural. 
I've been watching Season 1 of Masters of Sex. Someone I know was watching it over the summer so I thought I would give it a try. I'm so glad that I did because there's nothing quite like it on TV at the moment. It tells the story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two pioneers in the field of sexology. But be careful, it has nudity (you can probably tell by the description haha) so if that makes you uncomfortable, stick to Mad Men. (It's not as explicit :p)

Today I started watching Broad City. It's like Girls but with more comedy and with two Jewish women as the main characters.

I'm still waiting for lovely spring to fully grace us....


For this last semester, I've decided that I'll share one cool/interesting/thought-provoking thing that I happen to run across during the week: