Saturday, May 23, 2015

The End Is Near...

Hi, everyone!

A quick Saturday night post for you guys...

The semester officially ends tomorrow, which is also when I have to submit my last paper. Then, Wednesday, I'm graduating from Hunter. The following Tuesday, I'm graduating from Macaulay. And then, summer and the rest of my life. haha

I took my last exam on Thursday. Wrote in a blue book for the last time.

It all feels surreal. I'm ready to graduate and go on, but I also find myself memorizing the way the Hunter bridges look and how it feels to go up the escalators and sit in a classroom. Things that I will yearn to remember one day. Things that feel so fresh in my mind now but will be a distant memory one day.

On Wednesday night, Hunter hosted a dinner for Macaulay students. I'm so glad that I went because I got see some Macaulay students that I haven't seen in a long time. We all had dinner together and toasted to the rest of our lives. Hunter's president was there and the Macaulay Hunter director was there and they both said beautiful things about us. There were also a few faculty members including my seminar 4 professor who ended up sitting at my table. His class is one that I will always remember, and I'm so glad that he was there that night.

Yesterday, my partner and I at The Macaulay Messenger met with the new co-editors-in-chief to discuss their responsibilities for next year. I'm so proud of what we've done this year, and I know that they will do even better.

I've started watching Orange Is the New Black! I know, I know. I'm late. haha.


For this last semester, I've decided that I'll share one cool/interesting/thought-provoking thing that I happen to run across during the week:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Many things happening...

Hi, everyone!

It's late on a Friday night, and I'm exhausted. It's the end of the semester (I sat in my last class ever yesterday. What?! ), and a lot of things are going on. Finals, the medical school application process, senior events, wrapping up my involvement in student organizations, graduation stuff, planning for my summer job, and a bunch of personal things as well. Ahhh. It's a lot, but I know I can do it with the help of my calendar, my breathing, and sleep. haha.

I went to my last MSC meeting today. I've enjoyed going to these meetings all year and seeing how events get planned and how ideas become something tangible. I hope it's something that gets continually better over the years, and I hope that you all get involved with it if you choose to come to Macaulay. :)

I had a lot of awesome food this week. haha

Monday: buffet at Red Olive (they have all kinds of good stuff) and a lamb shawarma sandwich at the King of Falafel and Shawarma food truck in Astoria (good price and awesome flavor)

Wednesday: all you can eat buffet at Andaz (I've talked about this place before, and it's a must try. I ate way too much and was like a waddling penguin afterwards. haha)

Thursday: Cheesecake at Eileen's (I've also talked about Eileen's before. Definitely the best cheesecake that I've had. Soft and creamy and just perfect.)

Friday: Pizza at the MSC meeting courtesy of Macaulay (cheesy goodness as always)

I also took 2 exams this week, and I'm hoping that I did well on them. Sigh. Exam anxiety is one part of college that I won't miss. Luckily, many med schools are pass/fail now so there's less of a stress.

I also got both sets of graduations tickets (Macaulay and Hunter) on Monday. Ayy. And I also have both sets of caps and gowns. So exciting.

I'll be writing a paper this weekend. I'm going to try to make it as painless for myself as possible. Just get it done so that I can move on to other things on my to-do list. That means more focusing, less time on BuzzFeed. haha


For this last semester, I've decided that I'll share one cool/interesting/thought-provoking thing that I happen to run across during the week:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Journeying through Nursing School

I'm so tired, but this is one of the last few of my posts EVER on this blog and today was the last day of nursing school, so I feel it's a bit momentous.

I'll be honest, I didn't love nursing before I started nursing school. Then whyever did you apply, Amirah, if you were so sure that your passions lay in film, teaching, english and journalism? Because, I was undecided, and nursing was secure. I thought it was dumb and that anyone with a minimum education could do it because nurses have had a terrible image in the media. But, my friends, this is a lie, because it is one of the toughest undergrad majors there is. I believe this is because it's sort of like condensed undergrad medical school. Also, it wasn't dumb, on account of how my GPA has dropped because it was so very challenging. We do hours of rotations, then a preceptorship (96 hours in one month! Go me!) at the very end all while taking pharmacology or pathophysiology classes in addition to 8credit nursing lecture classes. It is impossible a) not to become a cult group with your nursing friends b) not to love your nursing friends to DEATH because nursing friendships are truly a different kind of friendship. When you wipe butts together, live under constant fear of failure and study seemingly impossible material together, you're bonded for life. My peers were so supportive, so caring, genuine, smart and funny that from the first day I couldn't help but love the career I convinced myself I would hate. I am clumsy, a bit of a daydreamer, and hate(d) needles. But I found out that I loved the human body (proud college moment: getting a 100 on an A&P lab test); that I could draw blood on others without shriveling up (while I hate needles, I'm ok with putting them in others); that needles are useful for medication-drawing; that there's nothing more I love than working with my geriatric patients; that I want to be just like the inspiring faculty I've met here; that endless access to alcohol swabs is life-changing; that running around is what I'm best at; that talking to patients comes naturally and I love being able in a position to help others; that I look decent in scrubs and maybe it's fate that I'm in a career where I can just where the same thing every day cuz I'm really excellent at that; that I'm really, really proud of the way nursing is a lifestyle and not just a profession; that the opportunities and fields in nursing are endless. Nursing earned my respect, and it deserves it.

I came into the program feeling like I'd relinquished my love for English and writing and found that there was a nursing newsletter I could join. I thought nursing closed doors to me - because I couldn't double major, minor, or take too many outside classes - but I was so wrong. It is SO cliche. But I've never been so happy to be wrong and to have grown to love something the way I did with nursing. Hunter-Bellevue changed my life. I cared more about my health - because you can't be a nurse without making healthy lifestyle adjustments - and got mini abs from running these past 5 months! I love nurses and the kind of people that become nurses. They are so kind, and dedicated.

Am I still crazy frightened about a) passing the NCLEX and b) honing my skills as a nurse? YES. Because it is a TOUGH JOB. Being on your feet for 12 hours a shift? Having lives in your hands? I wanted to go straight to grad school because I love being a student, but I've finally accepted that becoming comfortable with my skills as a nurse is a lot more important right now. And for those other passions - journalism, english, media, teaching - of mine? I found a way to follow my English passion in nursing and I know that there's a dire need for nursing faculty. I'm interested in media portrayals of nursing and....I think I'll try to find a way to make it all work. Otherwise, I'll be okay following my love of film by marathoning at home. You can always make your passion a hobby.
I'm excited and terrified to join the field and care for people. I'm anxious about the school to work transition. I'm sad to leave my friends; I'm emotional about being on the "cusp of adulthood" but mostly, I'm glad I've made it this far.


PS. May is great, and so busy, much events!