Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Midterms Are Finally Over!

Hello all!

It has been quite a few weeks since I last posted, and I apologize for my long absence. Unfortunately, I was more than a little busy with all of the essays and exams that I had for midterms. Luckily, midterms are finally over and I can relax a little and fall back into the more typical routine I've been used to. In a similar train of thought, I've started to plan my schedule for next semester! I'm not entirely confident in it yet, but I do know that I plan to take my next Macaulay seminar as well as French, Calc 2, and Physics. Should be a good time!

In other news, I've been having a great time going to events for my seminar. I went to an incredible concert/play type performance art thing in Bushwick a few weeks ago called Ghost Quartet! The musicians were incredibly talented and the songs were amazingly good, telling an incredible story within a story within a story. Since I got to see it for free as part of my seminar, I plan to go again just because it was that good. I also went to see the Fall for Dance Festival at City Center last Thursday! The Festival involves several short performances by a few different dance companies and the particular night that we went was a very nice mix of ballet, contemporary, and even African dance styles. It was a great show and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go.

Tomorrow afternoon, the Macaulay freshman and all of the freshman in the various Scholars Programs at Hunter are going to an assembly led by Colum McCann, a professor at Hunter, an internationally bestselling author, and a National Book Award finalist! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish reading the copy of his novel, Let the Great World Spin, that we received, but I'm about halfway through and it's absolutely phenomenal, so I plan to get it signed and then finish it! Another exciting thing coming up is my planned trip to see the Metropolitan Opera next Wednesday for my seminar which I am extremely excited about and should be amazing!

And with that, I think it's time for me to head to bed! I plan on going back to posting weekly now that I've overcome the hurdle of midterms and you can look forward to hearing from me more often now. Be well all!

~ Adam Hobbins '18

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stuffed Animals and Graduation

Hi, everyone.

It's been a quiet week so I don't have anything too exciting to report to you all.

But what was great about this week was that I reached out to my AP English teacher. I haven't spoken to him since his retirement party in June 2013 so I wanted to update him on what's been going on in his life. He's the kind of teacher who really cares about his students and absolutely loves hearing about all of our accomplishments. He was happy to hear from me and said that he was enjoying retirement, which he definitely deserves. He's one of the most dedicated teachers that I know.
Keep in touch with your old teachers!

On Wednesday, we had a guest speaker in my English class who spoke to us about Emily Dickinson (whose work we've been reading since the semester started). He teaches at NYU and is currently working on his dissertation in comparative literature. He was full of interesting thoughts, and I could see that he really knew what he was talking about in regards to Dickinson and the other poets who he's focusing on for his dissertation. I love people who are masters at certain things whether that be plumbing, poetry, or philosophy. They spend a lot of time getting good at something and then, they get to share it with the world. It's great to hear them speak because they have such a passion for what they do. It comes through in the sparkle in their eyes and in the motions of their hands. I hope I get to be that way one day.

Today, I had a meeting with my Macaulay advisor, and we ran through a list of things to make sure I had completed everything that I need to graduate. We also talked about the MCAT and post-graduate plans. Graduation is not as faraway as it once seemed. It's scary and exciting and I'm just trying to enjoy this last year of my college life.

But can I be a kid for a second?

My stuffed animal (and doll) collection:

(I've had some of them since I was 3 or 4 years old. And some of them traveled all the way to the US with me when we moved here 15 years ago.)


I love this quote by Einstein because of how true it is. If you can break something down to its simplest terms and explain it to someone who has no previous knowledge of it, then you know that you truly understand it. That's what being a good student, both in college and in life, is all about.

Quote of the Week

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

~ Albert Einstein

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hanging out with the lions...

Hi, everyone!!

This is the end of the first full week of school we've had in awhile. It actually wasn't too exhausting except for the first half because I had to hand in some work for my bio and English classes.

One of the highlights of this week was the Macaulay Scholars Council meeting that I attended on Wednesday. Since I'm now one of the Macaulay student club leaders, either my co-editor-in-chief or I have to attend each monthly meeting. Besides the club leaders, student reps from each of the graduating classes and campuses were present as well. The meeting was run by Drew Adair, Associate Director of Student Development at Macaulay, who loves hearing our ideas about anything and everything. I'm looking forward to these monthly meetings and getting to see how Macaulay events are planned behind-the-scenes.

And of course, they gave out free food. Macaulay is awesome at feeding us! One more reason for all of you prospective students to apply here! *wink, wink*

What was not-so-fun about this past week was getting sick on Saturday. I just felt so achy and tired and had some tummy issues. It was so hard to get any work done, which sucked because I had 2 major things due this past week. I'm the kind of person who avoids taking pills, but I finally gave in and took an Advil. Thankfully, I felt a lot better that night.

Today was great because I hung out with my friend in midtown for awhile. We dropped by Grand Central Terminal and the NYPL's main building on Fifth Avenue to get some shots for an article that I'm working on.

Grand Central Terminal
One of the beautiful lions in front of the NYPL building
I also bought an awesome grey skirt and tights at H&M! Yay for fall fashion.

I have another food recommendation for you guys if you're ever in the Upper East Side and need lunch for a good price: Elim Deli Cafe. One of my friends introduced me to this place during my freshman year, and I have loved it ever since. They make awesome heroes, quesadillas, wraps, etc. They also have a fantastic buffet of yummy hot food and a good salad bar. I would recommend going there before 2 PM just because much of the buffet food is gone by then (after the lunch crowd has attacked it! haha). They're also great for breakfast food.

One more thing cool thing from this week: We organized a meeting for The Macaulay Messenger section editors this past Sunday, and it was so cool to be on the other side of things. Just 8 months ago, I was one of the section editors, and now I'm running things with a friend. I love progress in life.

Enjoy the long weekend!!


Quote of the Week

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” 

~ Isaac Asimov